Letter Tiles
Letter Tiles
Letter Tiles
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Letter Tiles

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These Word Game squares are available to create custom words and phrases for a special gift. We even offer the blank! Decorate an office, foyer, hallway, baby's room....endless possibilities. This also makes a perfect gift for teachers or all the grand kids names for Grandma!

**We HIGHLY RECCOMMEND laying out the design of your tiles to avoid ordering overlapping letter tiles. Once your order is placed, we do not accept returns on extra tiles.**

Need help with laying out your design? Click Here: https://worksheets.theteacherscorner.net/make-your-own/crossword/

  1. Type the names/words to include in the "WORDS" column
  2. Scroll down and click the button (Make Crossword Puzzle)
  3. Once your 'puzzle' is generated, click the menu buttons at the top to highlight "Answer Key" If you like the layout, proceed to Step 4. If you would like another option, start at Step 1 and put your names/words in an alternate order.
  4. If you are happy with the layout, click "Save As" to save a PDF or Image of your 'puzzle' or click "Print Puzzle" to print your puzzle. *Make sure to save, print, or write down the layout to refer to when hanging your tiles or to include with gift*
  5. Count the amount of each letter that you will need to complete your name tiles and add those tiles to your cart.

Details: Tiles are 5x5x.25, high-quality MDF. Letters can be attached to thin boards, hung separately by using Command Strips, glued together with wood glue or attached with string/wire and hung as a garland or vertical wall hanging.

NOTE: Each gift is handmade and/or hand-painted and needs time and precision to complete. It will take approximately will take 1-3 weeks to receive your orders.

All orders placed on or before December 12th, 11:59pm EST are guaranteed for Holiday Delivery! We are not responsible for shipping delays due to delivery services.

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